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Welcome to LansdowneLiving.com, lauched in mid-2007 as THE online meeting place and marketplace for the Lansdowne, VA area. The Google Map below shows the approximate boundaries of the Lansdowne area (click on the link to get the full-sized map and to see other themed maps about Lansdowne - Crime & Public Safety, Transportation, Development etc.)

Click Here for Larger Lansdowne Area Google Map This website is a resource that has been built for Lansdowne residents by Lansdowne residents. LansdowneLiving.com has no affiliation with the HOA or it's website. See the Lansdowne Map Boundary. The motivation for starting the site was to provide a forum for connecting Lansdowne residents to each other, to the businesses that serve us, and to the information that matters most to us. It's aimed at enabling sharing of information about what's going on locally and regionally as well as nationally and globally - all from the perspective of what's important to us as residents of Lansdowne - Parents, children, businesspeople, athletes, teachers, politicians - all of us. See below for information on how to join and for some answers on questions/concerns you may have about joining this powerful network. If you think this site can be useful, please register. It's quick and free. Joining will not expose you to any unwanted spam. You can control how much email you get from us or opt out from mailings completely. The purpose of asking interested people to register is nothing sinister; it's a little irksome we know, but experience elsewhere has shown that an interactive site without registration leaves the door open to spammers and other more purposeful abuse. So we hope you feel a short registration is a small price to pay. If you want to join but remain anonymous - at sign-up you can choose to anonymise your name. You do not need to divulge any info you feel uncomfortable with. Your email address is never displayed. And if this site doesn't work out for you, deleting your mebership is easy. TO JOIN:- - Click on "Sign Up" -Enter a name in "Name" - Choose a name that you want displayed. It can be your first name or something else you decide. - Enter your normal e-mail address. (This won't be displayed on the site). - Make up a password and enter it in both the "Password" and "Confirm Password" boxes - write it down so you don't forget it - Enter the characters shown in the box, making sure you match the text exactly, including upper case and lower case. This is to prevent automated sign-ups by advertisers. - Add a photo/graphic if you want to - or skip this step. - Click on "Done" and you're in!! Contact Us: Pls email agdil@LansdowneLiving.com with any questions or comments about the network. LansdowneLiving.com is the social netoworking portal for the Lansdowne, VA development. This network is developed by residents for residents. Our tag line is "It's A Great Day In Lansdowne!" because we love this area and this development. We come at this project with a positive attitude about our area and this development in general. No doubt, there are issues and challenges to deal with, but if approached with a positive outlook and a collective effort, we can overcome relatively small challenges to build on our great community and enjoy Lansdowne Living to it's fullest!


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